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Protecting Yourself on the Web: Your Online Reputation

A short introduction to protecting your online reputation.


You've heard the old adage that once you post information on the Web, it stays there (and searchable) forever. What you do today can greatly impact what you're able to do tomorrow.

This playbook aims to outline the potential ramifications of unprofessional behavior on the Web. Aimed primarily at students, this playbook provides information on how to act responsibly on the Web, especially on social networking sites.

Social Networking Defined

Social networking sites can be simply defined as Web sites that easily connect people with others. These sites exploit the traditional network of contacts by making your friend's friends visible to you ("Social Network," 2011).

Some sites focus specifically on professional networking, others are simply for personal use. Most, however, offer users the ability to cultivate both. Web sites such as Facebook blur the lines between professional and personal. Because of that you have to be careful with what you post and who can view it.

Social Networking in Plain English

Watch this video from CommonCraft on social networking.