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Assignment: Annotated Bibliography

Jesus Christ SuperstarWhat the assignment is about:
You will find 4 academic sources that address a conflict within or about Jesus Christ Superstar, and create an annotated bibliography.
  • The citations need to be in MLA style.
  • The annotations will  be short (two or three sentences) and they do not need to summarize the whole source.
  • The annotations will answer two questions:
    • What makes this an academic source? (for example: peer-reviewed, published in an academic or peer-reviewed journal, written by a university or college professor, published by a university press, it's a dissertation or master's thesis). 
    • What conflict in Jesus Christ Superstar does the source address?

How to Search

Step 1 - Develop Keywords

  • Your first keyword will be "Jesus Christ Superstar" (in quotation marks)
  • Other keywords will refer to the conflicts about or within Jesus Christ Superstar. To identify conflicts, consult your instructor.  Some possible examples:
    • antisemitism
    • racism
    • blashpemy
    • political and/or interpersonal struggles
    • revolution
    • power dynamics
    • authoritarian regimes
    • political activism

Step 2 - Search resources (such as databases)

  • Join the keywords with AND
    • Example: "Jesus Christ Superstar" AND antisemitism

NOTE: There is no guarantee you will find sources. If you do not, try the following:

  • Simplify the search: search only for "Jesus Christ Superstar"
  • Check another database
  • Brainstorm new terms
  • Consult with your instructor

Where to Search

Where to search?

Your best bets are the resources listed below.

Academic Sources

The following types of sources are considered academic:

  • Peer-reviewed articles
  • Articles published in an academic journal (academic journals typically have the word "journal" in the title. When in doubt, consult your instructor or a librarian)
  • Articles or books written by college/university professors
  • Books published by a university press
  • Dissertations
  • Master's theses

Citing Your Sources

Use the library's MLA Playbook (linked below) to cite your sources. This playbook has been especially designed for PVCC students.  Note that the librarians cannot help you with citation generators or citation guides other than the ones from the PVCC library.

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