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Assignment: Term Paper

Make sure you read the assignment instructions for the term paper for ENG 254, African-American Literature II.  Below are the main parameters:

  • Choose a  novel to read
  • Research the novel and its author
  • Write a thesis statement about a particular aspect of a theme found in the novel
  • Support this thesis with three or four main points and several quotations from the primary source (the novel) and from secondary sources
  • Use 4 to 6 secondary sources
  • The final draft should be 7 to 8 pages
  • No web pages allowed
  • The Works Cited page must include
    • the primary source (the novel)
    • 4 to 6 secondary sources
    • copies of all secondary sources attached to the Works Cited page on your final draft (if the source is long, only attach the page/s you quoted from)

Choose a novel

Here are some possible novels to choose:

Find secondary sources

To find secondary sources for your paper, search the databases below:

Cite your sources

Your sources must be cited in MLA style.

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