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Assignment: Investigate a Conspiracy Theory

Using the skills taught in the two library sessions, you will investigate a conspiracy theory to determine its origins and validity. Research the conspiracy theory and find out what reliable sources of information are saying about it.

Follow these research steps to complete the assignment:

What is the conspiracy theory?

  • Describe the key points
  • Who are the “powerful actors”
  • When did it begin?

Fact check, e.g. Snopes

  • Are there any “kernels of truth”
  • What methodology did the fact check site use?

Lateral reading -- What are other, reliable sources saying about the theory?

  • Use library databases to research the facts
  • Start here: EBSCO

Choices include:

  • Comet Ping Pong (Pizzagate)
  • Microchips injected during vaccinations
  • 5G technology causes health issues
  • Chemical trails behind airplanes
  • Cell phones cause cancer
  • The term "conspiracy theory"

Below there are some sources that may help you in your research.