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How do I search Academic Video Online (AVON)?

Search for the latest documentary or film.

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Search Academic Video Online (AVON)

Step 1:

Access Academic Video Online. (If you're off-campus, you will be prompted to login with your myPVCC username and password)


Step 2:

Enter your search terms in the box on the homepage, and click the search button.  
Search box screenshot


Step 3:

Review the details of the video.  Take note of the length, the date it was published, and select the "Show Abstract" link to see a summary of what the video is about.

Screenshot of brief record of video


Step 4:

When you've decided which video to watch, click either the title or the "Video" link.

Screenshot of where to click to play


Step 5:

Click the play button to watch the video.

Screenshot of play button



  • Scroll down below the video and click "Browse this series" to see other videos in the same documentary series (e.g. American Experience series.)
    Screenshot of "Browse this series" link
  • Scroll down below the video to see the citation information about the video.  Click the links on any of these details to find more videos with the same information.  For example, click "Silicon Valley, CA" in the location field to find other videos with the same location.
    Screenshot of citation details