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How do I download the Visible Body app?

Learn how to download the app for free.

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Download the Visible Body app

Step 1:

Login to Visible Body by visiting this link:

Step 2:

Click the "Mobile Apps" button.

Mobile Apps button

Step 3:

Select either "Instructions for On Campus/VPN" if you are on-campus while trying to install the app, or select "Instructions for Off-Campus" if you are not physically at PVCC while trying to install the app.  Follow the instructions to download the app.  Note: You MUST follow these instructions and click the link on the website to go to either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.  Searching for the app directly will pull up a different version that costs $24.99.  The links on the website take you to the app used by schools who already have a subscription.

Here is a screenshot of the wrong version.  Note the title and the cost.

Screenshot of wrong human anatomy app

Here is a screenshot of the right version.  Note that it's free and says "for organizations only."

Screenshot of correct version of the app