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Learn how to search this open access repository.

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Step 1:

Access  This particular link goes directly to the Mathematics section of the repository.  You do not need to login if off-campus, as these articles are available freely online.

Step 2:

In the top right corner, select "Title" from the dropdown menu and enter your search terms.  Click Search

Screenshot of search box - "Euclid"


Step 3:

Review the results.  Read the abstract, and take note of the date of submission.  When you decide to read an article, click the "PDF" link to download it.

Screenshot of Result, PDF is highlighted and the date of submission

Note: The articles in this website have NOT gone through a peer-reviewed process.  They are high-quality manuscripts, but they have not (yet) been submitted for formal publication.  They are provided for the benefit of the academic community to encourage collaboration and open-access scholarship.  



  • On the homepage, scroll through the list of topics to browse articles connected with a specific branch of math.  Click "new, recent, current month" to pull up a list of articles on that topic.
    Screenshot of math categories