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Multimedia and Images Playbook

This playbook offers links to a variety of videos, audio clips and images. Modified with permission from Denise Woetzel, J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College.

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Web Sites: General Images

These are general places to find images. For art/architecture, photography and science, scroll down.

Public Domain Repositories

These collections primarily offer access to works in the public domain. There are no restrictions whatsoever on their use.

Freely Available/Licensed Image Repositories

These repositories or Web sites offer access to royalty-free, stock or high quality images. Each site has its own terms and conditions under which the photos are licensed. Hover over the link to find out more information on the allowed uses of the photos.

Creative Commons-Licensed Images

Images licensed under a Creative Commons license are free to use, as long as you abide by the restrictions set forth in the license. At the very least, you must provide attribution.


These Web sites offer access to free clip art, but be sure to check the copyright/license restrictions on each site by hovering over the link.