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Library Session Materials for ENG 111: Finding Sources Using the Libary Homepage

  • This playbook contains materials to help ENG 111 students learn how to find sources using the library homepage.
  • This playbook assumes students have done at least the first 3 modules of the Information Literacy Modules tutorial in Canvas. If they have not, it is strongly recommended they do before proceeding. 

Finding Sources Using the Library's Home Page

  • See the tutorial attached below to learn how to use the Jessup Library's home page to find sources for assignments. 
  • Before working on this tutorial, review the Information Literacy Modules in Canvas. All ENG 111 students have access to this mandatory tutorial. 
  • For more help and information, contact your instructor, or contact the librarians at

Evaluating Sources

  • Source evaluation is as important as source selection, as the quality of the sources determines the quality of the product, and sloppy sources produce a sloppy paper.
  • The CRAAP method of evaluating sources provides a handy tool to help you select good sources. 
  • Please review the source evaluation information in the Information Literacy Modules, then view the Research Minute: CRAAP Method video below. 

ResearchMinute Video: CRAAP Method

Watch this ResearchMinute video to learn how to use the CRAAP method of source evaluation.