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GOL 111 Assignment Playbook

Resources for the presentation assignment for the GOL 111 course (Oceanography)

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About This Playbook

This playbook contains resources for the presentation for GOL 111.

The Assignment

You must deliver a presentation about a topic related to oceanography.  Some topics from past presentations are listed below. 

Algae as Biofuel - Anglerfish - Aquaculture - Aquatic Locomotion - Bay of Fundy - Bermuda Triangle - Bikini Atoll - Bioluminescence - Coccolithophores - Deep Sea Vents - Great Barrier Reef - Great Pacific Garbage Patch - Gulf Stream - Hurricanes - Hydrothermal Vents - Ocean Acidification - Octopuses - Offshore Drilling - Rogue Waves - Sharks - Shipwrecks - Tsunamis - Whales (blue, killer, etc.)


To find quality articles, use the EBSCO database. To search the database, use nouns, preferably joined by AND. To find specific phrases, place the phrase in quotation marks.

For the highest quality research, select the Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals limiter.

Example searches:

algae AND biofuel

"bermuda triangle" AND ocean

pacific AND "garbage patch"

"offshore drilling" AND pollution

Using Google or Bing to Search Specific Sites

Use search engines Google or Bing strategically to find better sources.

Good sites for some of the topics for this presentation are and National Geographic.  To use Google or Bing to search those sites, format the search this way (pay attention to the punctuation marks):




shipwrecks site:

killer whales site:

Use this formatting for any other site -- follow the examples above.  This search format works the same way on Google and on Bing.

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