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How do I search Nursing Reference Center?

Search this database for drug and disease information.

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Search Nursing Reference Center

Step 1:

Access the Nursing Reference Center.  Note: If you're off-campus, you will be prompted to login with your myPVCC username and password.

Step 2:

Select the appropriate tab before searching.  Note: You can leave it on "Basic Search" to search across everything.

  • Diseases & Conditions - Contains both "quick lessons" which are designed to map the nursing workflow and "evidence-based care sheets" which contain summaries of the diseases and how to treat it.
  • Skills & Procedures - Contains both clinical papers detailing the steps to achieve proficiency in a specific nursing tasks, as well as "cultural competencies" on how to give care to specific groups of people.
  • Drug Information - Find details about specific drugs by searching Davis's Drug Guide for Nurses and AHFS Drug Information Essentials.
  • Patient Education - Contains handouts and information directed to patients, not nurses.
  • Practice Resources - Access and search several ebooks, including Diseases and Disorders: A Nursing Therapeutic Manual and Comprehensive Handbook of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests,

select tab before searching


Step 3:

Enter your search term.  In this case, we will search the "Drug Information" tab for "ibuprofen."

enter search term


Step 4:

Click from the results to read the entry.

results link



  • The "Practice Resources" tab is often used by nursing students.  Click the book covers in the "Featured Books" section to search them:
    book covers in featured books section
  • Want to download the app for the database on your phone?  Click the link "NRC iPhone/iPod Touch Application" at the bottom of the screen.  Follow the instructions.  If you have difficulty, email  (Note: The app is called "Nursing Reference Center" and NOT "Nursing Reference Center Plus."  The key this link generates is also only good for 9 months.  If you need the app for longer, you must click the link again and generate a new key).
    download app for phone