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How do I find journals by title?

Use this playbook to find electronic journals by title.

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Find Journals by Title

Step 1:

Go to QuickSearch.


Step 2:

Click on the Search by name of journal link in the What is QuickSearch? box.

search by name of journal


Step 3:

Enter the name of the journal for which you are looking. Click on the magnifying glass icon or hit enter. (Note that this search does not search at the article level.) Alternatively, you can browse alphabetically for the title of the journal.


Step 4:

Click the title of the journal to see which database contains full text articles and the issue dates that are accessible.

full text results


Step 5:

Click on the database name to be taken to all the available issues of the journal. Typically you are then able to search within the journal to narrow your search results.



  • Alternatively, you can access this Journal Search by clicking on the Database List button.  Choose Look Up Journal Title.
    look up journal title