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How do I search Bloom's Literary Criticism Ebook Collection?

Learn how to find articles analyzing famous novels and short stories.

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Search Bloom's Literary Criticism Ebook Collection

Step 1:

Access Bloom's Literary Criticism Ebook Collection. (If you're off-campus, you will be prompted to login with your myPVCC username and password)

Step 2:

Enter your search terms in the search box.  This would be either the title of the novel you are researching or the author's name.  

search box


Step 3:

Click Search, and review your results.  Click the title of the book to read it.

In search results click title to read book


Step 4:

The Bloom's ebooks contain chapters that analyze various themes and characters within the novel.  After you find a book about your novel or author, read the table of contents to see if any of the chapters apply.  Click any of the chapter titles you want to read.  

chapter titles



  • Researching a work of literature like a novel is very different from other types of research.  Most of the time, you won't find a source that talks about exactly what you want to discuss in your paper.  You will find discussions of a character or a particular theme, but it's up to you to put the pieces together to make your argument.  Keep this in mind as you look through these books.  Don't expect to find a chapter where someone else repeats what you plan to say.  Ask a librarian if you need help!