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How do I search Factiva?

Learn how to search Factiva

Search Factiva

Step 1:

Go to the library's A-Z Databases page, and select Factiva from the list. (If you're off-campus, you will be prompted to login with your MyPVCC username and password)


Step 2:

In the "Free Text Search" box, enter in your search terms. You must use boolean search strategies when searching Factiva. Combine nouns with these terms:

  • AND.  For example, dogs AND cats will find articles that have both words in them.
  • OR.  For example, dogs OR cats will find articles that have either word in them, or both words.
  • NOT.  For example, dogs NOT cats will find articles that have the word "dogs," but filter out articles that have the word "cats."

In addition, Factiva cares whether the word is plural.  If you search for the word "dogs," it will only find articles where it's listed in the plural form.  If you want articles to appear with the singular form, "dog," then you must input the search term in the singular form.  

Lastly, if you type in a string of text (such as: I just can't wait to be king), it will only find articles where those words are side-by-side.  This is helpful for a song lyric or title of a book, but it is not helpful for topical searches.  For that, you must use the boolean strategies above, or you risk not pulling up any articles.


Step 3:

Try using some of the filters before searching Factiva.  Select a date range to limit your results to current information:  

Select the Sources drop-down menu, and click one of the three groups listed.        


Step 4:

Click the blue Search button.


Step 5:

Review the results displayed.  Pay attention to the article title, date, and newspaper it comes from.  You may use the filters on the left to narrow the results by company/organization, newspaper, industry, language, etc.  Click an article's title to read it.


Step 6:

Click the print icon at the top to print a copy of the article.  Select "Article Format" from the drop-down menu.



  • If you want to search one specific newspaper, click the Sources drop-down menu.  Type the name of the newspaper (such as "daily progress") and select it from the pop-up list.  Then type in your search terms in the "Free Text Search" box.