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How do I search HeinOnline Academic?

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Accessing HeinOnline

You can access HeinOnline Academic directly or through the law section of the Database List.  If you're off-campus, you will be prompted to login with your myPVCC username and password. When searching this database, keep in mind this is not for background information. If you need background information, use a different database, such as Gale eBooks.

Types of Searches

There are four different types of searches: full text, citation, catalog, and case law. There is also an advanced search mode that provides expanded search options such as date range. For best results when searching HeinOnline, use specific language.


screenshot showing HeinOnline search box


  • Full Text
    • Searches by keyword.  For best results, use phrase searching (example: "miranda rights"), and Boolean operators (example: probate AND "estate administration")
  • Citation
    • Retrieves cases by case citation,  for example: 370 U.S. 660, which retrieves Robinson v. California (1962). or articles by their citation. For the latter, use the Citation Navigator tool.
  • Catalog
    • Use to search for specific resources, for example: Harvard Law Review
  • Case Law
    • Searches the Fastcase service. Enter a specific citation to retrieve a case, for example: 388 U.S. 1, which retrieves Loving v. Virginia (1967)

Full Text Searching

Full text searching in HeinOnline is a keyword search. For best results, use specific, targeted terms, Boolean operators, and phrase searching.

Screen capture of HeinOnline full text search

Citation Search

Use this search when you have a citation to a specific article or a specific case. See examples below.

Citation to specific law journal article:

HeinOnline screen capture of citation search

Citation to a specific case:

HeinOnline screen capture of citation search

NOTE: The citations need to be in Bluebook style (the style used in law).

Catalog Search

Use Catalog Search to find specific resources contained in the HeinOnline database.

Screen capture of HeinOnline catalog search

You can then browse all available volumes.

Case Law Search

Searches the Fastcase service. Use a specific case citation.

Screen capture of HeinOnline case law search



  • If you are searching for background information (for example, you want to know what Miranda rights are and how they work), HeinOnline is not your best choice. Try Gale eBooks instead.
  • You will get better results if you use targeted, specific language (for example: "Miranda rights") and use Boolean operators (AND, NOT, OR) in your searches.
  • For more information about legal research, see How do I conduct legal research?