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How do I search Indigenous Peoples of North America?

Learn how to find primary source documents in this database.

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Search Indigenous Peoples of North America

Step 1:

Access Indigenous Peoples of North America.  Note: If you're off-campus, you will be prompted to login with your myPVCC username and password.

Step 2:

Enter your search term in the search box.  Click search.

Screenshot of search box - "Sitting Bull"


Step 3:

A list of primary source documents will appear.  Note that they fall into three categories: Monographs (i.e. books), Manuscripts (i.e. letters, unpublished documents), and Newspapers & Periodicals.  Select the category at the top of interest to you, or scroll through the results to see a sampling of all three.  


Step 4:

Select the document you want to read.  Navigate the document using the following tools/buttons:

  1. Table of Contents - If the document has a table of contents, you can navigate it using this button.
  2. Navigate to different pages using either the dropdown menu or the arrow buttons.
  3. Plain Text (OCR) - Check this box to see an editable version of the text in the document.  This can be useful if the document is difficult to read or if you want to copy certain sections and paste them into a Word document.
  4. Zoom In and Out to better see the document.
  5. Looking for a specific term in the document?  Enter it here to search within the document.

Screenshot of document viewer


Step 5:

Click the "Download" button to download a copy of the document.




  • Curious what collections are part of this database?  On the homepage, click the "Collections" button to see more about what kinds of documents it contains.  Click any of the collections to browse it.

  • This database does have two collections of photographs.  Click the Collections button > the Annette Ross Hume Photograph Collection or the W. S. Prettyman Photograph Collection.  Click "View all documents in this collection" to see the photographs.