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How do I search Statista?

Learn how to find statistics in this database.

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Search Statista

Step 1:

Access Statista. (If you're off-campus, you will be prompted to login with your myPVCC username and password)


Step 2:

Enter your search terms in the search box, and click Search.

search box


Step 3:

Review your results.  There are a variety of content types in Statista, and it's important to understand what they provide.  Look on the left menu, and see your options for filtering.  (For more information on the content types in Statista, visit their Content Types Overview page.)

left menu filter optionsStatistics - These contain a single chart or graph that provide one set of numbers.  Most of the time, this is what you are looking for.  For example, "Share of US population who use social media 2008-2019."

Forecasts & Surveys - The forecasts analyzes trends today, and predict what will happen 5 years from now.  The surveys are results from actual surveys sent out to people.  For example, "Social Media Activities in the US in 2019."

Infographics - An infographic is a visually-appealing way to present data to the public.  Statista has created some of these for you to download!  For example, "Six in Ten U.S. Adults Support Selfie Stick Ban." 

Topics - The topic pages compile a list of all the statistics provided on a specific topic.  For example, "Social Media Usage in the United States - Statistics & Facts."

Studies & Reports - This information is compiled by Statista into a single PDF or PowerPoint file that can be downloaded.  The Dossiers contain the same information as the Topics.  For example, "Social Media Usage in the United States." The Statista studies contain data from surveys and studies conducted by the people in charge of Statista.  The Industry and Country reports consolidate information on specific industries (such as education or tourism) and countries.  

When you have made your selection(s), scroll to the bottom of the filter list and click "Refresh Search."

refresh search button


Step 4:

Click the resource you want to read.  After you review the chart, click one of the download options to download it.  A PDF is opened using Adobe Acrobat Reader and cannot be edited.  A XLS file can be opened using Microsoft Excel and the data manipulated.  A PNG is an image file which lets you insert it into a Word document.  A PPT file can be opened using Microsoft PowerPoint, which makes it easy if you are going to use this in a presentation.      

download options are PDF, XLS, PNG, PPT





  • The most useful content type is Statistics.  This is where you will find the actual numbers you are looking for.  The Topics and Dossiers are useful if you want to find all relevant statistics about a topic like social media, for example.  
  • The Statista database is most useful when you're looking for statistics on companies, industries, and technology.  If you are looking for statistics that would be collected by state or federal government agencies (like census data or health statistics or crime statistics), then you need to visit those government agencies' websites.  For links on where to go, read our playbook "How do I find statistics?"