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Assignment: Economic Effects Analysis & Reflection

  • For this assignment, you will analyze the economic effects of the Texas Heartbeat Act. You will also write a reflection.
  • Before beginning the assignment, read the assignment instructions several times, until you are sure you understand what's expected of you.
  • If you have questions about the assignment, contact your instructor.

Prepare to Research: Learn About the Topic

  • Use the links below to read articles about the topic. 
  • Keep in mind that the Texas law is very new, so there will not be a lot of material about it.  But abortion bans and restrictions are not new. Apply what you learn about abortion bans and restrictions to the Texas case.
  • When reading sources, keep a list of keywords that you can later use in searches. For example: abortion ban, abortion restriction, etc.
  • The term "economic consequences" is broad and vague, which can have a negative effect on finding sources. As you read, focus on specific economic consequences and use those words as keywords for searching.

Find Sources: Library Databases

  • Use the databases and other resources below to find sources for your topics.
  • Search using the keywords you collected while doing background reading.
  • To learn how to use a specific database, click the red "Tutorial" button.

EBSCO Search Example

Step 1:

Notice that the search terms abortion and economics are subject terms. Add the United States to further narrow your search.


Step 2:

Limit to a certain year range. In this example, the results are from 2010 to 2021. Narrow and refine your results further by choosing academic journals.

Literature Review

Cite Your Sources: Using the APA Citation Style

  • Learn how to use the APA citation style by going to the page linked below.
  • This APA guide has been created especially for the needs of PVCC students. 
  • It contains templates, examples, and models to help you format your work in the APA citation style.

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