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Assignment: Summary Report

For this assignment, you will conduct a literature search and write a summary report of your findings. The topic you will be investigating is "Global warming: is it real?"

Your instructor will provide you with information about the requirements for this assignment. Make sure you read all the information provided.

Searching the Literature: Resources

  • To find reliable sources for your assignment, your best bets are the databases listed below. 
  • To search these databases, enter the term "global warming" (in quotation marks) into the search box. 
  • Refine your results to increase reliability
    •  define a date range so your results are no older than 5 to 10 years
    • select the peer reviewed option, to assure highest research quality
    • Add another keyword that is related directly to the topic, such as: sea level, precipitation, invasive species, hurricanes, drought, disease, food sources, desertification, etc. 
      • Format multi-keyword searches like this: 
        • keyword AND keyword -- example: "global warming" AND malaria
        • keyword AND (keyword OR keyword) -- example: "global warming" AND (sea level OR precipitation)
    • Do not use generic words like effects, consequences, relationship, etc. These can apply to virtually every topic you can think of, and will only lead to inefficient and frustrating searches
  • select the full text option to get articles in their entirety

Evaluating Sources

Use the CRAAP method to evaluate the reliability of sources.


Currency relevance authority accuracy purpose graphic

Citing Your Sources

For this project you will be using the APA style.

  • For best results, create your citations using the APA Style playbook.
  • Citation generators of any kind will create errors -- if you don't know how to cite, you will not recognize the errors, and you may get a lower grade as a result of these errors.
  • The librarians can help you learn how to cite.

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