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PHY 241-242 Civic Engagement Assignment

  • As part of the civic engagement assignment for this course you are required to
    • investigate, explain, analyze, evaluate, and reflect on issues of public consequence at the local, state, or national level
    • examine the issues or problems from multiple perspectives.
    • develop/propose viable solutions to these issues or problems
    • approach these tasks from within the disciplinary framework of the course itself, that is, from within the physics framework
  • This is a complex assignment that will require significant research using reliable and appropriate sources.Tame the assignment by following these suggestions:
    • Read the assignment carefully and make sure you understand what is expected of you.
    • Read assignment rubrics to further understand the parameters.
    • As you read the assignment instructions, jot down the keywords used in the wording of these instructions.  See this playbook to learn how to run effective keyword searches.
    • Example keywords:  fluid dynamics, disease transmission, COVID-19, masks, respiratory jets; respiratory droplets; airbags, safety, fuel economy, regulations, legislation, autopilot, statistics
    • Example search strings:
      • automobile AND autopilot AND statistics
      • airbags AND regulations
      • safety AND fuel economy
      • fluid dynamics AND disease transmission
      • COVID-19 AND masks AND respiratory droplets
  • When in doubt about assignment directions, instructions, parameters, etc., please contact your instructor.

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