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How do I fact check images?

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Fact Check an Image Using Google Reverse Image

Step 1:

Right click on the photo

In Firefox, choose Copy Image Link

Tornado photo with right click menu

In Chrome, choose Copy Image Address

Tornado photo with right click menu Chrome

Step 2:

Go to Google Image Search. Paste the URL under Paste image URL. This returns visually similar images as well as webpages that include the image.

Step 3:

Read what is said about the photo or story from known, credible sources. Note if any fact-checking sites have investigated the veracity of the photo. 


Is this image real? Did a frog really get launched at the same time as a rocket? Is this a legendary photobomb or a doctored photo? Let's fact check!

Frog photobombs NASA rocket


Using Google Image Search, we get the below results. Notice that reputable and creditable sources are speaking about the image. We have search results from The Atlantic, Chicago Tribune, and other news organizations. In fact, the first search result (not pictured) is from ABC News. Click on one of these articles to see if the photo was real.

Google search results for frog photobomb

According to ABC News, this poor frog was launched into the air during NASA's unmanned LADEE rocket launch. A sound-activated still camera caught the flying amphibian, and the photo was posted on NASA's Instagram account. 

Although improbable, this image is real!


  • Always approach photos or videos, for that matter, with a healthy does of skepticism! Tip icon
  • Use photo fact-checking sites or follow accounts like @Fake Astropix.
  • Learn skills to help you determine if a photo is real or doctored.

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