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How do I connect Google Scholar to the Jessup Library?

Search Google Scholar with links to our library's full-text resources.

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Connect Google Scholar to the Jessup Library

Step 1:

Go to the Google Scholar homepage.

Step 2:

Click the Settings button and then click Settings.

Google Scholar settings

Step 3:

Click "Library Links" in the left menu.

Library links

Step 4:

Search for "Virginia Community College System."  Select the one labeled "Virginia Community College System Network."  Click Save.

Select Virginia Community College System Network

Step 5:

Repeat and search for "Piedmont Virginia Community College."  Select the one labeled "@PiedmontVaCC Library."  Click Save.

Select Piedmont Virginia Community College VCCS at PiedmontVaCC Library    

Step 6:

Search Google Scholar for an article.  Click the "@PiedmontVaCC Library" link wherever you see it.  You will be prompted to login and taken to the full-text of the article through our library's databases.  

at PiedmontVaCC Library



  • The "@PiedmontVaCC Library" link next to a citation does not always guarantee that the library has that article in full-text.  If you find an article that you need that we don't have, you can place an Interlibrary Loan request.
  • There is no way to limit to only peer-reviewed articles in Google Scholar.   
  • Google Scholar can be very user-friendly because it uses Google's search engine.  However, the library's databases have many more resources.  Contact a librarian to ask for help!