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Nursing Program Playbook

Find Books

To find books, go to the library's home page and search under FIND BOOKS.  You can search using title, subject, or keyword searches.

screenshot of find books search box


The Keyword search looks for your keywords anywhere in the record (title, author, abstract, etc.)

The Title search looks for keywords in the titles of books

The Author search looks for authors' names

The Subject search looks for keywords in the books' subjects.  (subject = what the book is about)


Note: If the library doesn't own a book you need, you can request it by filling out the Interlibrary Loan Request form.  The library will then borrow the book from another library.

Find Articles

Use the library's databases to find academic-level articles related to nursing and related topics. See below for a list of preferred databases to use with this assignment. 

Using Websites

As a nursing professional, you should only use websites that are geared towards professionals, not to the general public.  See the selected websites below.

Evaluating Sources