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SDV 100 Course Playbook

This playbook contains information about academic success topics covered in SDV 100 and SDV 101.Please use the links on the left to navigate the site.

Career Exploration: Using the Library's Home Page


From the library's home page, search under FIND BOOKS to find print and electronic books about careers.  Click on the down arrow and select "subject," then format your search this way: (your term) AND vocational guidance.

Example: photography AND vocational guidance


From the library's home page, find articles about your chosen career by searching under FIND ARTICLES. Type your search this way: (your term) AND vocational guidance

Example: architecture AND vocational guidance

Career Exploration: Using Gale Ebooks

Gale eBooks provides a lot of information about careers. Search by typing in the name of the career, for example: architect.

Career Exploration: Web Resources

Best site for researching career paths: Occupational Outlook Handbook

Other sites are listed below.

Career Exploration Practice

The activities below will allow you to familiarize yourself with helpful career resources.

1. Go to the Occupational Outlook Handbook

  • Name 2 occupations listed as the highest paying
  • Name 2 occupations listed as the fastest growing

2. Go back to the Occupational Outlook Handbook

  • Under Occupation Groups, select a group, then pick a career
  • Be prepared to provide a summary of that career to the class

3. Go to the library's homepage

Under START HERE, search for photographers

Write down 3 facts about the career, and write down the title of your source

Be prepared to share your information with the class

4. Go back to the library's home page

  • Under FIND BOOKS, search for books about the careers listed below (remember to format the search using occupation name AND vocational guidance -- for example: medicine AND vocational guidance)
    • photography
    • nursing
    • chef
    • police officer
  • Select 2 books from the results list
  • Be prepared to share the title, author, and year of publication with the class


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