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Library Services & Features

The Betty Sue Jessup Library at PVCC is much more than just shelves with books on them.  We have study rooms, a beautiful window lounge, and services such as interlibrary loan and research help.  Librarians are available via phone, email, chat, and in person. 

  • Location: The library is in the Main Building near the bookstore. Stop by the desk when we're open, or contact us from home!
  • Phone: 434.961.5309
  • Email:


Explore the sections below to learn a bit more about the library's offerings.


picture of the window lounge in the library

Simplify Research With the Library's Home Page

Conduct systematic research using the library's home page! The page is designed to help you organize the steps of your research process, for a more effective and less frustrating experience.  The home page is divided into 4 sections, described below.

START HERE -- use this search box to find topic overviews and background information.

FIND BOOKS -- use this search box to find print books and e-books.

FIND ARTICLES -- Millions of good quality articles at your fingertips! Use the search box to search our EBSCO database collection.

FIND MORE -- This section will connect you with useful resources such as library playbooks to help you understand assignments and the research process, a list of library databases so you can find sources, and more.

Study Rooms

Group study rooms are private rooms in the library where students can meet with their study group to work on projects together.  To find information about the study rooms, go to the group study room reservation page.

  • The reservation page has a map that shows the location of the study rooms.
  • You can also see availability for a day and time you select.
  • Clicking on a room on the map will provide information about that specific room.

Important Notes

  • Group study rooms are for groups, defined as two or more people.
  • Individuals can reserve a study room only for a Zoom class, and only for the duration of the class. Note: Students can't stay in the room after the library closes; please find a different place to take your class, such as the North Mall Room.
  • Students in study rooms must keep their voices down
  • Using cell phones is not allowed in study rooms or anywhere else in the library. If you need to use your cell phone, please exit the library.
  • You must observe the study room policies or you may lose your privileges

Interlibrary Loan

The process through which libraries lend materials to one another is called interlibrary loan (ILL).  No library has everything, so interlibrary loan fills the gaps.  When you need something for an assignment, you can fill out the form linked below and the library will find it for you. If you borrowed a book, that will have to be returned, but you can keep articles.  Make sure you give yourself plenty of time: while interlibrary loan is fast, it can sometimes take a week or so, especially for items that are hard to find.

Click on the link below to familiarize yourself with the form and what information you need to supply.

Using the Library from Off-Campus

Only faculty, staff, and students who are currently enrolled can use the library's restricted resources (such as databases) from off-campus.  When you click on a resource that is restricted, you will be presented with a login screen.  Use your MyPVCC username and password to continue to the resource. Visit the page linked below to learn this simple process.

Library Policies

Visit the library policies page (linked below), to familiarize yourself with how the library works and what is expected of you.   The library policies page contains information about what you can check out and for how long, computer use in the library, how we expect you to conduct yourself in the library, and more. 

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