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How do I search ACM Digital Library?

Search these technical journals on computers and engineering.

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Search ACM Digital Library

Step 1:

Access ACM Digital Library. (If you're off-campus, you will be prompted to login with your myPVCC username and password).  


Step 2:

Enter your search terms in the search box, and click search.

search term artificial intelligence


Step 3:

Scroll down, and look for Publication Date filter on the left side of the screen.  Select "Past 5 years" to limit your results to only those published in the last five years.  For most topics in computers and engineering, it will be important to only read recent articles.  If that's not the case for your topic, skip this step.

publication date filter


Step 4:

Review your results.  Pay attention to the type of source listed (column, research article, etc.)  This can be helpful if your professor has required specific types of sources.  For example, stick with the "research articles" if your professor asked for "peer-reviewed articles."

type of source 

Step 5:

Click the title to access it, read the abstract, and then click the PDF button to download it.
Abstract and PDF download button