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List of Databases for Computer Science Topics

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EBSCO's Databases

A good place to start your research, as this collection of databases cover (almost) all topics. Very powerful search interface, but works just fine with simple searches.  Need help searching EBSCO's Databases?

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IEEE/IET Electronic Library (IEL)

The articles in this database are highly technical, so it's great for research in computer science.  Need help searching IEEE/IET Electronic Library (IEL)?

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ACM Digital Library

ACM stands for "Association for Computing Machinery."  The articles in this database are also highly technical.  Need help searching ACM Digital Library?

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O'Reilly for Higher Education Ebooks

Find the most up-to-date ebooks on computer programming languages, operating systems, and software like Microsoft Office or Adobe Creative Suite.  Need help searching O'Reilly?

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