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Resources for Dual Enrollment Faculty and Librarians

A playbook for faculty and librarians to the resources available to PVCC dual enrollment students.

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The purpose of this playbook is to help dual enrollment faculty and librarians navigate the Jessup Library's site and become familiar with the resources the library offers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to send my students as a class to the library so they can do research. How do I go about that?

Please contact the instruction librarian at to arrange a visit. Please do not send your students to the library without first scheduling a visit.

Do I need to accompany my students on the day of the class visit?

Yes. Instructors must be present while the students are visiting the library.

Can a librarian meet the school bus and escort the students to the library?

The librarians do not provide this service; however, finding the library is easy. Learn how to find the library.

Do I or my students need to sign in when we come to the library?

Instructors must check in with a librarian when they come in, so we know that your students are in the library.

Can my students use the library's computers to do research?

Yes. We have desktop computers available for research. To use these computers, students need to know their MyPVCC usernames and passwords.

Can my students check out items from the library, including student laptops?

Yes. Students can check out in-library use laptops and/or headphones to use in the library, and they can also check out books. To check out materials, students need to know their MyPVCC usernames or student IDs.

Can my students get help with research if they need it?

Absolutely! Students can visit the library and speak to a reference librarian or call or email us. They can also use the chat service found on the library's Web site. Learn how to access our databases from off campus.