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How do I work with generative AI (GenAI)?

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Authentic learning


diverse study groupWhat is authentic learning? In the context of this session, we define authentic learning as honest academic work in which students create their own content, share their own ideas and thoughts with the academic community, and use tools such as AI only in a support capacity.

When you engage in authentic learning, you behave in a truthful, trustworthy, and honorable way. This means that you


  • do your own reading, writing, and researching
  • create your own original content
  • express your own ideas
  • incorporate and respond to the ideas of others and add to the academic conversation
  • do not cheat, plagiarize, steal, or violate your institution's honor codes
  • cite your sources
  • respect your instructor's rules
  • develop AI literacy by
    • maintaining a healthy critical thinking attitude about AI's output
    • learning about how AI works
    • learning about AI's limitations (bias, inaccuracy, hallucinations, etc.)
  • use AI only as a tool and not as a replacement for your own thinking