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How do I work with generative AI (GenAI)?

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How to use GenAI

GenAI requires a prompt to produce content, and the better the prompt, the better the output. Here are some recommendations that will help you improve the output.

  • Be specific, clear, and concise. Generic prompts yield generic output. For better output, provide specific instructions and context.
    • Example: "Write an inspirational adventure short story for young children, in 1000 words of less, in which two forest animals help each other during a time of danger."
  • Use the terms "Act as if" or "Acting as if" to get better output.
    • Example: "Acting as a professional chef, design a 5 course dinner menu, from appetizer to dessert, and including drinks, for an elegant dinner party that includes a vegetarian, a person with a gluten allergy, and two diabetics."
  • Provide a tone and/or audience.
    • Examples: Explain nuclear power to a group of 5th graders. | Write a polite criticism of an employee's constant use of a cell phone during work.
  • Provide a clear goal.
    • Examples: Translate this short letter into modern French. | Generate a labeled graphic that shows the process of cellular respiration.
  • Refine your prompts. You don't have to take the first thing the AI tool produces. If it's not quite right, keep refining your prompt.
  • Ask AI to help you. If you feel your prompts aren't good enough, ask AI to suggest ways to improve.
    • Example: I would like to write a report about the different ways in which children learn. What would be a good prompt for you to work on this?