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Canvas Tips


  • Check your Canvas classes daily.
  • Connect to your instructor and/or course librarian using the canvas messaging system.
  • Respond to your instructor and/or your librarian promptly
  • Communicate clearly, concisely, and respectfully
  • Use the Calendar

Submitting Assignments

  • Always save copies of your documents before uploading.
  • Use a clear file structure so that you can find documents more easily.
    • Example: create a folder for each of your classes. All documents related to a class should go in the specific class folder.
  • Use descriptive names for folders.
    • Example: PSY 201.40 is a better name than Homework.
  • Use descriptive names for your files.
    • Example: PSY201 essay 2 - first draft
  • For discussion board assignments, write your response on a Google doc. This way, if something happens, you will not lose your work.
  • When uploading an assignment, don't close the window or the browser until you get confirmation that the assignment was submitted successfully.
  • Did you  upload the wrong file? Click the "re-submit" button to upload the right one. Include a comment to explain why you have several submissions. (If your instructor does not allow multiple submissions, contact her and explain the situation).

Viewing your instructor's feedback

  • Click on Grades.
  • If there is feedback, you will see icons on the far right of the assignment row.

Viewing your grades

  • Click on Grades
  • If you can't see grades, your instructor may have hidden them.
  • Don't obsess over grades, but f you are concerned, contact your instructor.