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How do I learn online?

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Zoom Tips

Before Class

  • Test your connections (Internet, video, audio, etc.) by joining a Zoom test meeting.
  • Make sure you have everything you need, including a headset or earbuds, a way to take notes, virtual background set if you are using one, etc.
  • Make sure your workspace will be as quiet as you can make it during class time.

During Class

  • Mute yourself when not speaking. You will still hear others but they won't hear you or noises in your workspace.
  • Raise your virtual hand to ask questions.  To raise your hand, click Participants on the bottom of the Zoom screen.  Under the list of participants you will see the option to raise your hand, as well as other options.
  • Participate. This is a class, so pay attention and engage with the content, the instructor, and your classmates.

Why Use Video

  • Teaching via Zoom can be challenging, especially if your instructor can't see you. This is why using the video option is a good idea, as it helps your instructor gauge whether you're following along or you need help. 
  • If you have concerns about using the camera feature
    • Talk to your instructor
    • Use a virtual background to hide your living space. Be considerate to others and choose a neutral background. Avoid changing the background, as this is disruptive to others.
    • If you're having connectivity issues, try turning video off to save bandwidth.
  • Participate actively in the class, to help your instructors help you.