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How do I recognize primary, secondary, and tertiary sources?

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What Are Tertiary Sources?

Tertiary sources are

  • materials in which the information from secondary sources has been reformatted and condensed to put it into a convenient, easy-to-read form.
  • works which list primary and secondary resources in a specific subject area.
  • works which index, organize and compile citations to primary and/or secondary sources.
  • sources which are one step removed in time from secondary sources.

Examples of tertiary sources

  • almanacs and fact books
  • atlases
  • bibliographies
  • chronologies
  • dictionaries and encyclopedias
  • directories
  • guidebooks, manuals, etc.
  • handbooks and data compilations
  • textbooks

ResearchMinute Video: Tertiary Souces

Watch this ideo to learn about tertiary sources.

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