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Linking to Library Resources

Learn how to create links to articles and journals that always work.

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Why do we even need instructions?

linkYou would think it would be easy to link to an article, database, or video.  Just copy and paste the URL in your browser, right? Unfortunately, it's not that simple.  

Special links, called permalinks, must be created to make sure that PVCC students, faculty, and staff can access the library resource both on and off-campus.  We'll explain how to do this, but first a few definitions:

  • permalink - Shorthand for "permanent link," this is a stable URL that will always work when clicked.  Also called persistent link or durable link. 
  • proxy server - This is how libraries control access to subscription databases.  When a person is off-campus, they must login, and their traffic is routed through a proxy server that masks their IP address and fools the database into thinking they're on-campus.
  • proxy prefix - This addendum is placed in front of every URL to allow off-campus access to a database (by forcing campus personnel to login and routing their traffic through the proxy server).  Ours looks like this: 

Did you know a librarian will do this for you?

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The Embedded Librarian program provides you with a personal librarian in your course on Canvas.  This librarian can answer students' research questions and help you create working links to library resources.  


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