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Embed Video

movie camera

For library video databases, like Films on DemandKanopyor American History in Video, you have the option of either linking to the page in the database where the video is hosted OR directly embedding the video into your course.  To embed a video, you will need to copy/paste some HTML code into your Canvas course.  

Follow the example below, or contact a librarian for help!

(Image from Flickr)

Example: American History in Video

  1. In American History and Video, search for and find a video of interest. Click the video's cover.
  2. When the video appears on screen, click on the Share button at the top.
    share button
  3. At the bottom of the screen, click the "Copy Embed Code" button.
    copy embed code button
  4. In Canvas, click the Edit button on the page where you want the video to appear.
  5. Click the Insert/edit Media button.
    insert/edit media button
  6. Click the Embed tab and paste the embed code you copied from the database.  Click OK.
    embed code
  7. Click on the Save and Publish button to save the embed code and make it live for students to watch.  You should then see the embedded video in your Canvas course.

    NOTE: American History in Video clips are best viewed using the Firefox or Google Chrome browsers. If you use the IE browser, a log file window will appear when you open the content area where the video clip is located. Just close the log file window to watch the video clip.