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Linking to Library Resources

Learn how to create links to articles and journals that always work.

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Link to the QuickSearch record

The easiest way to link to articles, ebooks, or online videos is to find it in QuickSearch and then link to that record.  We keep the database links updated in QuickSearch, so you don't have to construct a URL (as in Method 2).  Here's what to do:

  1. Search QuickSearch by the title of the article.  
    Screenshot of QuickSearch search box
  2. Click the title of the record for your article.
    Screenshot of QuickSearch record with title of article
  3. Click the links in the "View Online" section.  Verify they work.  Report any problems using the "Something Broken? Report It" link.
    Screenshot of the View Online section.
  4. If everything works as expected, click the Permalink icon above the View Online section.  Copy the URL that displays.
    Screenshot of the Permalink button and link
  5. That's it!  If you add the link to your Canvas course, instruct your students to click one of the databases linked in the View Online section to read the article.  Here's the link for the article above if you'd like to see what it does: 
  6. If you can't find the article in QuickSearch, then proceed to Method 2: Create the Permalink.