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Citation Styles Playbook

The purpose of this playbook is to help you cite the sources used in your academic research.

Remarks on Formatting

  1. Reference List

At the end of your paper, combine all references into a "Reference List."  If your in-text citations use the author-date format, organize your Reference List alphabetically by the author's last name.  If your in-text citations are by number or superscript, organize your Reference List numerically.

Use a hanging indent and single space each entry.

       2. How to list page numbers

p 57
p 93 f
pp 48-51
pp 30, 52, 76
pp 30, 52, and 76
pp 30, 52, 76 ff
pp 562-569
pp 562-9 (acceptable in journals)
2005; Vol. 2, p 35
2004; pp 55-61


      3. Hanging Indent

The first line of a reference citation is flush with the left margin. Subsequent lines in the citation are indented.

Hanging indent format example