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Citation Styles Playbook

The purpose of this playbook is to help you cite the sources used in your academic research.

Other published materials

ASM Citation Style for Other Sources:

Corporate publications

Corporate publications are books or manuals for which no individual authors are provided. For these materials, substitute the name of the company as the author.

Author. Year published. Title of publication. Corporation, Location of corporation.

Stratagene. 2006. Yeast DNA isolation system: instruction manual. Stratagene, La Jolla, CA.

Conference reports

Author last name Author first initial(s). Year. Abstract or presentation title (optional), page number(s). Title of conference proceedings. Name of organization, Location of conference.

(Note: Use PubMed abbreviations for the conference title; see instructions under the Articles, print tab.)

Carlson E. 2013. Selective penicillin-binding protein imaging probes reveal substructure in bacterial cell division, p 59. Final Program 113th Gen Meet Am Soc Microbiol. American Society for Microbiology, Washington, DC.


Author's last name Author's first initial(s). Date patent awarded. Name of patented item or process. Patent number.

(Note: Patent number will begin "US patent...")

Odell JC. April 1970. Process for batch culturing. US patent 484,363,770.

(Name of the patented item or process is optional but preferred. Patent number is required.)

Theses and Dissertations

Author's last name Author's first initial(s). Year published. Title of thesis. Ph.D. thesis. Affiliated University, Location.

(Note: Thesis or dissertation title is optional.)

O'Malley DR. 1998. Ph.D. thesis. University of California, Los Angeles, CA.