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List of Databases for News & Current Event Topics

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Newspaper Search

Search across all the newspaper databases that we have access to.  You can filter to the most prominent ones we have access to, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, etc.  Click the button "Major Newspapers - USA" to filter to this search or "Major Newspapers - International" to search through international journals.  Need help searching the Newspaper Search?

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Newspaper Source Plus

Most of these newspapers are indexed in the Newspaper Search, but it doesn't hurt to search it separately.

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Note: This database is currently experiencing some problems. After you click this link and login, you will need to come back and click it a second time. It will not work the first time. The VCCS Systems Office in Richmond is working to fix it. All these newspapers are indexed in Newspaper Search, but you can search it separately.  Need help searching Factiva?
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World News Digest

The editors of this database distill key news information every week from more than 100 major newspapers from the US and around the world.  Need help searching World News Digest?

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AP News Monitor

Search real-time news wires from the Associate Press, United Press International, PR Newswire, CNN Wire, etc. 

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Regional Business News

Looking for news on companies or business-related topics?  Search this database specifically for those publications.  

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The library creates "playbooks" for research.  In sports, teams have playbooks that help them win the game. At PVCC, the library has playbooks that help you "win" at research.  Check them out: