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List of Databases for Sociology Topics

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EBSCO's Databases

A good place to start your research, as this collection of databases cover (almost) all topics. Very powerful search interface, but works just fine with simple searches.  Need help searching EBSCO's Databases?

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Wiley Online Library

This is also a broad database that covers many subjects like EBSCO. Need help searching Wiley Online Library?

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This is a fantastic database for sociology topics.  Need help searching JSTOR?

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Civil Rights and Social Justice

This database provides access to government documents on the history of civil rights in the United States.  Search this database to find committee reports, Supreme Court briefs, legislative histories on landmark legislation, and other publications.

Sociology Playbooks

The library creates "playbooks" for research.  In sports, teams have playbooks that help them win the game. At PVCC, the library has playbooks that help you "win" at research. Why use assignment specific playbooks?

  • They contain information related to specific assignments
  • They clarify the assignment instructions and requirements
  • They provide links to specific materials/journals/books/etc. that may be required by your instructor

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